Teaching is a compassionate and rewarding profession. Sadly, teachers are not always paid what they are worth.  However, teachers can always earn extra income that’ll at least put them in a more comfortable position. Teachers can earn a significant income by finding multiple streams of income without giving up your profession. Our Teaching Voice discusses five ways to earn extra income as a teacher.

1.     Online tutorialConducting tutorial programs is a great way generate extra income as a teacher. One of the simplest ways teachers can earn extra income is to conduct online tutorials for. The best part of this is that you can work from home and earn extra money using the same skill set you’re already used to. Online education is fast becoming an increasing trend today, creating an excellent opportunity for teachers who want to teach after school hours or in the summer. There are many online educational websites that willing to hire teachers for all school grades. You’ll need to do your due diligence and research about these websites. At least I have opened your eyes to the opportunity.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission by promoting other people’s products (or companies). And this is another great way to earn extra income as a teacher. As a teacher, you can create your own website or blog, after which you can increase your audience by keeping friends and family up to date on any product you love and earn a profit for each sale you make. The best part of this idea is that it is not necessary to build a product; you just need to find what you would recommend to others and make sure that people buy through your affiliate link.

  1. Hold Seminars or Workshops

Teachers can earn extra income outside the classroom by sharing their knowledge with others, sometimes earning thousands of dollars per commitment. Teachers can organize or participate in evening, weekend and summer events to earn extra money. From educating undergraduate that are pursuing a degree in education, to demonstrating learning tools and new technology for experienced teachers, there are a lot of options to explore. Teachers with successful publication are frequently invited as speakers at conferences and can also make thousands of dollars for their performances.

  1. Become a Grader or Test Scorer

To become a constant grader or test scorer is a job that pays well and is aslo flexible. There are schools that outsource their grading – especially those who have large class sizes. Teacher skills can be used to score tests, to provide short answers and math solutions that should be written on standardized tests and state and district tests. Teachers can also work as test supervisors   – test identities, give test instructions, and monitor students during the test.

  1. Write an eBook

As a teacher, you can compile a large collection of educational materials and sell it to other teachers, educators, and other people who will need it especially on the eBook publish websites like Kindle. You can create materials like lesson plans, workbooks, activities, and among others. These can be downloaded online and sold to other people via websites such as “TeachersPayTeachers” and “eNotes.” In addition, teachers with an incredible curriculum that people are always looking for can write a book and publish it on Amazon. In this way, knowledge is shared and at the same time money is being made.




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