A Cold March Morning

Group Of Elementary Age Children In Art Class With Teacher

He came into my classroom on a cold March morning. I heard some rumors from the special education teacher that there was a challenging student coming to my class. He had an IEP-labeled emotional behavior disorder. His name is nicely changed to JT. He came in with a roar. The first day that he came to my class he got into some big trouble with another student of mine, Marty. My first instinct was to break it up. I hesitated. I also wanted to make sure that it was a fight worth intervening. Marty had a bigger bark than bite. So, the fight was over. All that year JT gave me trouble. Come to find out his mom abandoned him and kept his other siblings. His grandfather decided to raise him, but he was too old to keep up with a young boy. JT was roaming the streets at 9 years old. Another uncle with a son around JT’s age decided to raise JT. That’s when he came to my class. At the end of year. JT sent me an email thanking me for being a great teacher. I smiled and shed a tear as I sipped on my much-needed margarita. K. Danhi- Alanta


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