A Love Hate Relationship


I share a love hate relationship with one of my students. During reading group, he kept talking out of turn.   After several warnings, I asked him to leave the group. He then walked by my desk and threw his pencil in my cup of tea. I was really upset with him, but I kept my cool and shot daggers at him with my eyes. Other students were furious. They let him know that he was wrong. I quickly gained back control of the class and continued the lesson. I could tell that he felt bad. Later that day he drew a picture and put it on my desk. I simply glanced at it and put it to the side. Normally when my kids give me a letter I make a big fuss about it.  I knew that this was his way of apologizing. I wanted to reach him without having a drawn-out conversation about his actions. The look on his face was devastating. I continued with our dismissal routine.  As he waited in the bus rider line, I whispered in his ear. I told him that I loved the picture and I would see him tomorrow. I gave him a hug. He said “I will never hurt you again!!” The moral of the story is that silence can be profound. Not every action requires a reaction when dealing with kids!!! K.King – Indiana


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