Gabby Grape Meets Junk Food Junkie!



June 28, 2018

Actor and Health Advocate Linda Hodge-McLoud of Atlanta reaches #1 on in not one, but two categories with her 1st children’s book “Gabby Grape Meets Junk Food Junkie!”


“Gabby Grape Meets Junk Food Junkie!”, written by Linda Hodge-McLoud, edited by husband Harry H. McLoud and illustrated by good friend/art teacher Cynthia Agee, hit #1 on the Kindle  Children’s Best Sellers List in the Growing Up & Facts of Life/Health category! It was also the #1 Hot New Release in the Children’s Non-Fiction Health Books category!



“Gabby Grape Meets Junk Food Junkie!” is an engaging children’s story set in Healthyville where “Gabby Grape” lives a very happy existence with a group of healthy foods who strive to lead good, moral lives. And, of course, there are “trouble makers” who just love to wreak havoc in the lives of the decent, law-abiding citizens of Healthyville. Led by “Junk Food Junkie” (a slick, sly villainous type who is always trying to convince “Gabby Grape” and her friends “The Bunch” to break ALL the rules to eating healthy) is his humorous band of junk foods known as “The Munchies” who provide endless humor and entertainment throughout the book.

The concept for the book grew out of Linda Hodge-McLoud’s keen desire to help fight the growing obesity crisis among children, which in 1997 was just starting to emerge as a national medical concern. In 1998, Hodge-McLoud developed an entertaining and child-friendly presentation with “Gabby Grape” as the main character. Twenty years in the making, “Gabby Grape” presentations began in Dayton, Ohio elementary schools, daycare centers, public libraries, churches, and bookstores.

“Gabby Grape” presentations – still ongoing to this day – offer educational but entertaining activities resulting in children sincerely wanting to eat healthy foods at home and at school lunch time – a feat not easily accomplished by parents. Initiating healthy eating habits and physical exercise at an early age is more significant now than ever before!


About the Author

From a very young age, Hodge-McLoud had always dreamed of becoming a writer. However, life took her on a different path. For over 20+ years, she has embraced a passion for acting as well as writing. She has appeared in numerous indie films, made-for-TV movies, industrial videos and theatrical plays. In 2002, Hodge-McLoud was chosen to work with Oprah Winfrey as her stand-in for a mini-documentary film. While an instructor at the Colonel White High School for the Arts in Dayton, Hodge-McLoud taught theatrical arts.

Hodge-McLoud is also a seasoned veteran in the health and fitness industry with over 20 years experience as an aerobics instructor, strength trainer and health consultant. She has received fitness instructor certifications from the National Dance Exercise Instructor’s Training Association (NDEITA) and The Aerobic Pipeline Organization.




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