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School is officially out for the summer. Teachers have been looking forward to summer since or before winter break.  A break from lesson plans, long meetings and those unruly students that make our job a drag.

We surveyed teachers throughout the U.S. to answer that $5,000 question of what teachers are actually doing on these long summer days.



At some point during the break,  1/3 of teachers surveyed are sharpening their areas of expertise and researching latest developments in education.

The internet has a plethora of resources and training opportunities for teachers looking to enhance their professional development. is used by teachers to share videos, audio, documents and blogs. I like that it is designed specifically for teachers to share lessons in the classroom.  This site is similar to You tube. I have personally used You tube for lessons and fun learning songs in my classroom. is a global marketplace for online learning for professional adults who want (the) latest developments in their areas of expertise and passions.  This site is a great way for our teacher entrepreneurs to teach their own course on virtually anything. Great opportunity to earn extra income.– Check out this site for an extensive listing of conferences from all over the world for those teachers that want to travel and learn over the summer.

Finding interesting professional development opportunities are a click away to any teachers wanting to continue their growth this summer.



What better way to begin your summer than by starting an exercise plan?

During the school year, teachers battle very busy days that can be physically demanding. The last thing that you want to do after school is exercise.  Adding exercise, such as walking, running,  yoga or body building to your daily routine can enhance health benefits and help build stamina for energetic teaching.  Energetic teachers create and deliver lessons full of excitement and that equals happier students that are excited about learning.

J. L. Waller, ESOL Teacher and mother of two (5 yr. and 2 ½ yr.) chooses to work out at home with Beach body a home fitness program that uses cardio and weights.  Jennifer manages her routine to break a sweat 6 days a week in the summer.

Yoga has become very popular with teachers all year round. Some schools are implementing yoga during the school day. Research found that teachers that practice yoga, even in the most challenging classrooms saw a great impact on creating effective and supportive environments.  We set the tone teachers!!  A calm environment reduces stress on us and the students.

You can also become a certified yoga instructor in 200 hours or in about six months. A great way to get fit and learn to teach your own yoga classes.


These are just a couple of ways to get your body moving. Choose one or several. Google classes and activities to start your exercise summer journey and hopefully continue during the school year. We would love to be updated on your exercise journey.


3)Summer School

Some teachers are natural born hustlers that don’t mind working for an additional few weeks that cut into their summer vacations.

Why not? You’re getting another full pay check that you can enjoy for the remaining summer days and beyond, or pay on that school loan that needs some attention.

Our surveyed teachers that teach summer school are overcoming summer school challenges and giving struggling students another chance to succeed.

You have to come up with some creative strategies to create engaging environments for students that can be challenging in the classroom.  The summer often allows summer school teachers the freedom to actually teach and use various tools to reach their students. is a great tool for summer school teachers and students to converse with other students about a topic of shared interest.

You may also want to check out They have projects for your students to build technology and problem solving skills for real world problems.



Teachers love to travel! Our students enjoy hearing about our summertime travels that we have been  saving up for all year.

We highlighted a couple of getaways that our teachers have enjoyed so far. We are going until the last drop on our summer vacay, so send in your vacation adventures.

Catalonia Riviera Maya, Mexico– 


Me gusta! What better way to practice your Spanish than along the scenic coast of Mexico.

The Catalonia Riviera Maya Resort is where C. McCain- Kindergarten teacher in Atlanta, GA and 5 other teachers enjoyed luxury along white powdery sand beaches. The group observed more than 90 different species of marine life through snorkeling at Xel-ha cave.

Teachers always have that adventurous side.


Chicago-I visited this S.T.E.M city this summer. Our third largest city is the birthplace of the world’s first skyscraper, the Home Insurance Building was constructed in 1885. Staying downtown gave you the ultimate city view with never ending high rises and shopping galore. I had to see the amazing and colorful stage play Aladdin playing at the Cadillac Theater.

I also cruised the Chicago River on a 75- minute riverfront architecture tour.  These $45 tours sell out quickly.

1)Rest and Relaxation

Finally, we can turn off our alarm clocks and get some much needed rest and relaxation.  I am taking a melatonin, just to sleep through the night.

Teachers rise as early as the roosters between 5-6 a.m. during the school year and work 8-10 hours a day. Many teachers go home to their own children to help with homework, cook and be mommy after busy days filled with other people’s children. Teachers are among millions of Americans that don’t get enough sleep.  Sleep helps our brains process information for learning and memory.  Two reasons to get your sleep on teachers!

Prop your pillows and celebrate summer as the season for a little bit more snoozing.

Summer is the time for every teacher to unwind in their own unique way.  A total refresher for our upcoming school year.   We got this teachers! We would like to hear more of your summer stories.

Please look forward to more articles by teachers for the teaching voices of our teachers around the world.

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  1. This is a very informative article. I plan to do all five this summer. I will also surf the job postings to see what is out there for the fall.

  2. Great job Kamilah!! I am not a Teacher but as a Trainer, I could definitely benefit from taking some additional courses to brush up on my skills. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks!


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